This is not a video game. This is a breathtaking virtual reality adventure that you and your team experience together as if you were actually there.
Become the heroes and feel what it's like to experience situations that would be far too dangerous or impossible for real life.

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4 players minimum

45 min

649 CZK per player

Standing experience (Room Scale)

Become a Heroic Team


You and your team will use virtual reality headsets to enter a simulation that has been reconstructed from recovered blood samples.

The DNA found belonged to an expedition crew that entered the Lost Pyramid of Nebka never to be seen again! Your goal is to find out what the lost expedition was looking for.

This game is a warm up for the VR Challenge competition series, when you arrive at our location you will be asked if you want to register for the competition. The VR Challenge announcements and a full list of rules and prizes will be announced soon.

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